Crop top with jeans

Have You Tried Crop Tops Yet? Go Bold, Bare Your Midriff!


Dare to Bare your midriff with high fashion crop tops. The trend is here to stay, so have you got your crop top yet?

It is controversial, unavoidable and the most ubiquitous trend.



Sleek, ultra chic and sexy. Doesn’t matter if you are on the heavier side, just pair your crop top with high waist jeans or skirt.

You can use a crop top to:

-Layer it over a longer tee shirt for the winters.

-Use it with a jumpsuit

-Wear it underneath a pair of overalls

-Wear it with high-waisted long or frilly skirts

So love it or hate it, crop tops are here to stay!

Infornicle suggestion: Whether you love it or hate it, we say EMBRACE IT!

Manali’s wardrobe: 

Red crop top from a boutique

Jeans and shoes from Zara

Gold Neck piece from Forever 21

Sunglasses from Versace

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