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Strictly For The Troubled Unicorn Chasers

Of late despondency has been a constant companion to me.

You may wonder why I opened with that statement?

Okay.. so as usual I was depressed again (It’s becoming a habit lately). Soon people are going to get tired of my nagging and bickering and I’m gonna die alone.

Now you think I’m just another attention seeking bitch. Well maybe I am.. or maybe not. You are entitled to have an opinion anyway.

So in other news, startups are taking the world by a storm.

You see what I did there. I directed you away from what I was initially talking about. But I’m not going to take you entirely off track. My despondency has something to do with the start up revolution.

How you ask me?

You see, as I’m writing this and simultaneously looking at what unicorns mean in financial terms, I feel an unease creep into me and I’m rattling my fingers away at the table with a persistent, restless rat-a-tat-a-tat, annoying the people sitting next to me (you would understand exactly how I feel if you have ever experienced the peak of a “high” preferably on an “upper”).

As I wait for an idea in the form of an epiphany to somehow strike me, I overload my brain with a constant pressure from my greedy heart which is now chanting the mantra;

Success, Fame, Wealth

So while I wait for an apple to drop down on my head I spot a little girl nibbling away at her slice and with a tremendous effort I manage to steer away and not steal it from her.

Maybe ranting about my problem to someone can help me relieve the burden

So I decide to speak to someone. A stranger who doesn’t quiet know me well would be the best bet. So this is how the conversation goes..

Me: I’m depressed (Yes! I started off that way).

Stranger: That’s too bad. Why?

Me: I’m not happy with myself. I don’t think I’m doing my best. I could be and do so much more. Everyone else is getting successful but me. My life is still mediocre, with a passable job, dull lifestyle, and nothing great to put against my accomplishments. Life is overwhelming me. I do not know if I will ever rise above the mediocrity.

Stranger: Oh! A damsel in distress. You need a saviour.

Me: Ugh! I doubt that.

(This is my cynical side thinking: Really? Is there actually someone who can save me?)

Stranger: I am working on a product which is about reducing stress and depression. So, in a way, I am your saviour.

Imagine my relief! (That was sarcasm btw)

Turns out he was working on a startup himself; on an app that provides live workshops on mindfulness. Yeah sure, I get a startup solution for a startup problem!

Writer from bangalore Priya Ravinder
Going clickety clack at the keyboard… good enough replacement solution

Since my experience of taking someone else’s help did not actually pan out the way I expected, I will for now have to suffer the agony of my wishful, greedy, hankering, alone. And my only release is this pathetic little attempt of writing down my feelings.

Being Sagittarius may have something to do with the chasing… Just saying!

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