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10 things men say or do that annoy women

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t able to create the right impression on your girl?
Are you still trying to figure out why the beautiful girl whom you met in the gym totally ignored you after the first date?
Is there something which she did not like about you?
Yes! It could be possible. 99% of the times women do not open up about their dislikes.
But do not lose heart. Here we bring to you the 10 most annoying habits of men that completely puts women off.
1. Never admitting your mistake

Men everywhere around the world have a very peculiar habit of never admitting their mistake. All that a women wants is to listen to you saying politely “Sorry! I committed the mistake.”

Man not admitting wrong

2. Never listening

Yes! We admit sometimes we do not talk sense at all. But that does not mean you ignore whatever we say.

Man not listening

3. Expecting the woman to entertain

Never start your conversation with your girl saying “what’s up? I am bored.” It gives a wrong impression, as if she is a source of entertainment in your life.

4. Grabbing every opportunity to have a debate

Debating does not always go well with the ladies and this a man fails to understand. Sometimes he even starts trolling her on social media. Come on! Spare the social media. People are really not interested in your domestic affairs, so choose your battle ground well.

Man debating with woman

5. Quizzing every opinion

This happens often when a lady shares her opinion with her man and soon curses the moment she did so. The excessive scrutiny on her thought process really kills the mood of a woman. The post mortem might continue for days all together. A strict no-no if you want to be in good terms with your girl.

Men questioning everything

6. Body shaming or commenting on her dressing sense

OMG! If you have ever done that upfront then you have struck the wrong chord and never in future will she keep you in her good books. Body shaming or commenting on a girl’s outfit is one of the most disgusting things which annoy women a lot.

7. Always finding other women attractive

Come On Guys!. Try not to indulge in these activities when you are out with your girl. At least respect your lady love and stop staring at other women who you might find attractive.

Man checking out another woman

8. Not showing commitment

A sense of responsibility and commitment always turns on a lady. But who will make the men aware of its pros? Next time you want to impress her, take her by surprise by chalking out the whole plan successfully (if it’s a movie date or a dinner date) on your own.

Lazy man

9. Being playful when she is serious

When she is having a serious discussion with you do not try to strike a blow on yourself by cracking some stupid joke. Mind it – when she means business, she means it well.

10. Messy rooms

Messy rooms appear to be the birth right of every man and this is something which turns down every woman.

Messy room


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