An interesting case came up few days ago involving two high profile couples from Bengaluru. The two middle aged married couples met each other at a function and there begins a complicated affair. There may be movies about husbands swapping their wives, but reality is much more complicated. In this story, a businessman husband Ganesh and homemaker wife Kavitha meet another couple Abhishek (Contractor) and Manasi (Teacher).

A busy Ganesh is unable to tend to Kavitha’s need and thus she resorts to Manasi’s husband Abhishek. What do you think Ganesh, who found out about his wife’s and Abhishek’s affair did? He in turn had an affair with Abhishek’s wife Manasi. Thus, a consensual affair between the four ensued.

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The couples even went on vacations abroad as an excuse to spend time with each other’s spouse. The couples well aware of each other’s affairs led a normal life, until…… Abhishek died of a sudden heart attack early 2014.

Manasi, Abhishek’s wife having two children, now wants to marry Ganesh claiming to love him. Kavitha however is planning to keep his man after all and does not want to share him with Manasi. Ganesh is now expecting a divorce from his wife Kavitha to get married to Manasi which is being denied by his wife.

This case reached the police commissioner and still being counselled as none of the three want to compromise.

The story of this affair rings a silent bell in my mind wherein my nostalgc memory takes me back to my childhood days of reading ‘Vikram-Betaal’ stories. Betaal(Vampire), while sitting on Vikram’s(King) back narrates a complex story such as this and asks him to come up with a ‘just‘ solution, else his head would be shattered into pieces. With a story this complex, I am guessing Vikram would have been still contemplating as his head shattered to pieces.

My personal opinion would be that when two people are in love (or claim to be) they should have the rights to spend their lives together. What say?



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